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RE-vibe sends silent vibration reminders to get kids back to work.

RE-vibe Anti-Distraction wristbands were created by a School Psychologist for one purpose: Help Remind People to Stay On-Task.


RE-vibe was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of all different students in a school setting, including those with autism and ADHD.

RE-vibe wristbands come pre-programmed to meet the needs of various users (mildly off-task, moderately off-task and severely off-task) and includes a Homework Mode to foster independence at home.  A Patent-Pending, research-based algorithm tells RE-vibe when to vibrate, how it should feel and what settings to randomize to avoid getting used to it....even after long periods of use. 

  • Currently used in over 300 schools!
  • Developed by a School Psychologist specializing in Autism & ADHD.
  • Powered by Patent-Pending Algorithm to help prevent users from getting used to vibrations.
  • Three different research-based reminder levels to meet all needs + Homework Mode (see FAQs to learn more).
  • One-touch programming is quick & easy to use.
  • Distraction-free design, free of screens, buttons or sound effects.
  • 7+ day battery life on a single charge.
  • Proudly built in the USA and assembled by a team of men and women passionate about quality.
  • Health Conscious Design - Wristband lining made from OEKO-TEX certified Organic Cotton.
  • Rugged, food-grade plastic enclosure free of BPA/BPS, Lead & Phthalates.
  • Motion Sensor - turns RE-vibe on when you're wearing it and off when you're not - no on/off button necessary!
  • Hidden LEDs shine through to warn of low battery, charge or homework break time.
  • Ultra-light weight! RE-vibe hits the scales at less than a 1/2 oz.
  • Includes modular micro USB charger, power cord and custom programming tools.
  • 30 Day Worry-Free Return Policy.
What a great idea! I recently had a student’s parents purchase an expensive watch for this exact purpose. Unfortunately, he could play with the buttons of that watch so it became another distraction. I love that students can’t mess with these settings!
— Heather, Elementary School Teacher
“I was thrilled to hear about this product. Any thing that can help my children stay on task on their own is music to my ears...With both my children it was an over-whelming success. This will be a tool we use every day at homeschool.”

— -Mom Does
Love the RE-vibe! Both my kids have been using them for a few days and I am already seeing some improvement. Thanks!

— Maddie, Edision, NJ
Conscientious experts created the bracelet with plastic materials that are environmentally friendly... The minimalist and simple design is an absolute spot-on for any child that is too easily distracted.
— Vearables Magazine - Top 7 Most Funded Wearables on Kickstarter RIght Now

RE-vibe is ready to get you back on track.


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